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Economic growth has flatlined for years, Liz Truss may be the defibrillator we need

Get growing

WE heard much “boosterism” from Boris Johnson. It was all talk. Today Liz Truss may deliver something far more concrete.

Boris hoped to create a post-Brexit feelgood vibe with a barrage of ­optimism whatever the circumstances.

Economic growth has flatlined for years, Liz Truss may be the defibrillator we needCredit: PA

Truss and Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng aim to actually achieve it by cutting tax, reversing the National Insurance rise and putting more cash in our pockets. And by halting the crazy hike in ­corporation tax, sure to hit investment.

We applaud it all. For years economic growth has flatlined, partly thanks to the highest tax burden in decades. Truss may be the defibrillator we need.

Politicians from the Left, and their pet economists, seem outraged at any attempt to end the stagnation that set in under Labour and continued with the Tories.

They seem content merely to manage what they perceive as our country’s slow decline.

The same mob are also now exhuming their tired old Russian-backed falsehoods about fracking — the ban on which has at last been lifted.

Nothing makes Labour’s Ed Miliband angrier than hard-up, working-class households possibly getting cheaper gas.

Our only fear about the Truss revolution is cost.

The borrowing needed, on top of the energy bills bailout, looks ­terrifying.

But it is time for brave leadership and a new economic strategy.

Let’s hear it.

Brothers grim

UNION bosses like nothing better than to drag out a pay dispute, with frequent strikes thrown in.

It gives them a chance to grandstand on TV and be fawned over by the BBC and others. Plus, it costs them nothing personally. Most are lavishly paid.

Their members mostly just want a reasonable rise and to get back to work. That’s why it makes sense to force unions in law to put all offers to them.

The brothers will say any offer below what members originally demanded is pointless. But opinions and circumstances change during disputes. Those members should get to vote on a lesser deal. It might be good enough.

Anything that prevents a tiny clique of militant champagne socialists prolonging the public’s misery for their own amusement is welcome.

Asylum bill

THE open-borders brigade pretend asylum-seekers are no real burden.

But we now know what that burden is: A staggering £2billion a year, of which £1.3billion is hotel bills.

That figure will only climb, with more than 30,000 illegal migrants having landed on our beaches this year so far.

Our new Government vows to finally end this scandal. How, exactly? Liz Truss failed even to mention it to President Macron in New York. Why?