Minneapolis, MN
62°62° / 44°
Monday...Strong winds subsiding; partly sunny. High 62 F. Winds NW at 18 mph. 3-Day Outlook
7.8 NW
  • 4:00 PM62°Mostly sunny
  • 5:00 PM62°Mostly sunny
  • 6:00 PM61°Mostly sunny
  • 7:00 PM58°Mostly sunny
  • 8:00 PM56°Mostly clear
  • 9:00 PM54°Mostly clear
  • 10:00 PM52°Mostly clear
  • 11:00 PM50°Mostly clear
  • 12:00 AM50°Mostly clear
  • 1:00 AM48°Mostly clear
  • 2:00 AM47°Mostly clear
  • 3:00 AM47°Mostly clear
  • 4:00 AM45°Mostly clear
  • 5:00 AM44°Mostly clear
  • 6:00 AM43°Mostly clear
  • 7:00 AM42°Clear
  • 8:00 AM44°Sunny
  • 9:00 AM46°Sunny
  • 10:00 AM49°Sunny
  • 11:00 AM52°Sunny
  • 12:00 PM54°Sunny
  • 1:00 PM55°Sunny
  • 2:00 PM57°Mostly sunny
  • 3:00 PM58°Mostly sunny
  • Mon 09/2662°/42°Mostly sunnyPrecip chance: 4%Wind: 14 NW
  • Tue 09/2758°/38°Mostly sunnyPrecip chance: 0%Wind: 9.2 N
  • Wed 09/2861°/44°Partly sunnyPrecip chance: 1%Wind: 5.8 SSE
  • Thu 09/2965°/50°Partly sunnyPrecip chance: 4%Wind: 11.5 SSE
  • Fri 09/3071°/52°Partly sunnyPrecip chance: 6%Wind: 10.4 SSE
  • Sat 10/0172°/51°Partly sunnyPrecip chance: 4%Wind: 9.2 ESE
  • Sun 10/0268°/54°Partly sunnyPrecip chance: 15%Wind: 8.1 ESE
  • Mon 10/0369°/53°Mostly cloudyPrecip chance: 25%Wind: 6.9 SSE
  • Tue 10/0465°/49°Mostly cloudyPrecip chance: 40%Wind: 4.6 W
  • Wed 10/0565°/50°Mostly cloudyPrecip chance: 2%Wind: 4.6 NE
  • Thu 10/0668°/53°CloudyPrecip chance: 25%Wind: 5.8 S
  • Fri 10/0764°/51°Mostly cloudyPrecip chance: 1%Wind: 12.7 WNW
  • Sat 10/0863°/52°CloudyPrecip chance: 11%Wind: 11.5 NNW
  • Sun 10/0963°/51°CloudyPrecip chance: 2%Wind: 5.8 N
  • Mon 10/1063°/38°SunnyPrecip chance: 5%Wind: 3.5 W

Breezy Weather Continues Monday - Tracking Frost And Freeze Concerns This Week

Another very Autumn day is ahead on Monday with mainly sunny skies and highs climbing to the low 60s in the metro on the back of still strong northwest winds. We will watch frost and freeze concerns both Tuesday and Wednesday morning in parts of Minnesota. - D.J. Kayser

Afternoon forecast: Partly cloudy, high 62

Sep 26, 11:56am

Weather News

25 minutes ago

Canadian navy vessel headed to areas hit hardest by Fiona

Canada's defense minister said Monday that 100 soldiers have been deployed to each of three Atlantic provinces hit by former Hurricane Fiona and a navy vessel will visit the most devastated area of Newfoundland, where 76 homes were destroyed or structurally damaged.
25 minutes ago

Hurricane Ian nears Cuba on path to strike Florida as Cat 4

Hurricane Ian was growing stronger as it approached the western tip of Cuba on a track to hit the west coast of Florida as a major hurricane as early as Wednesday.
40 minutes ago

Vulnerable Tampa Bay braces for storm not seen in a century

It's been more than a century since a major storm like Hurricane Ian has struck the Tampa Bay area, which blossomed from a few hundred thousand people in 1921 to more than 3 million today.

Afternoon forecast: Partly cloudy, high 62

Twin Cities afternoon weather forecast for Monday, Sept. 26

Heavy rain slams Spain's Canary Islands; 1 dead on mainland

Heavy rain caused by a tropical storm hit several regions in Spain, leaving one person dead and widespread damage, authorities and national media said Monday.


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