Iran revolt is about much more than clothes

The West has its own ways of oppressing women.

Ron DeSantis and the rise of the free-lunch libertarian

October 3
Bashing big government while benefiting from its largesse seems to be working for him — for now.

Biden's economic missteps

October 3
Irresponsible spending spree continues with student debt next in line.

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Matthew Brooker
October 3

Even in crisis, Britain is a blessed plot

The laid-back nature of the country is welcoming and kind.
Doyle McManus
October 3

If Putin isn't bluffing, then what?

He's trying to shock Ukrainians, and the rest of the world, into backing down and accepting his demands, but the U.S. has been clear: That won't work.
Nicholas Goldberg
October 2

Our constitution is flawed. A convention to fix it would be foolhardy.

It's far too big a risk at such a volatile, unhinged moment in U.S. history.
October 2

Alex Jones exploits bankruptcy laws

Congress created the loopholes that the Infowars founder is trying to use in Sandy Hook litigation.
October 2

Cameras in the courtroom

Minnesota needs to expand access and shine a light on the justice system.
LZ Granderson
October 2

Favre's illegal procedure should sack his hero image for good

Taking money from those in need once could be a mistake. But twice?
John C. “Chuck” Chalberg
October 1

A voice from the past on education and its failings

And what a vivid, voluble voice H.L. Mencken's was ...
Ramesh Ponnuru
October 1

Bring on the recession (if need be)

Letting inflation drift ever higher could have more serious consequences.
James Lenz
September 30

The top secrets of Minneapolis

And how working with them showed me why protecting classified information matters.
Jonathan Zimmerman
September 30

Could compromise write a closing chapter on book banning?

Parents who object to a book should have the right to prevent their own kids from reading it, but they have no right to keep it out of the hands of other children.
Cade Metz
September 29

The long road to driverless trucks

We're still moving forward, but we won't arrive for years.
Bob Biesterfeld
September 29

Federal shirking endangers transportation

Without proper regulation, the safety of highways and the efficient economic movement of goods is at risk.
E.J. Antoni, The Heritage Foundation (TNS)
September 29

Why we're stuck with inflation, recession

The Federal Reserve and the government need to make more careful decisions.
Conor Sen
September 29

Beware the market crash — the office market, that is

Those still hoping for a return to pre-pandemic office occupancy should prepare for the worst.
Dallas Morning News, Carl P. Leubsdorf
September 28

A GOP House could be full of sound and fury

Accomplishing next to nothing
Daniel DePetris
September 28

Nations are not all 'united' on war in Ukraine

While the West may find it morally objectionable, the fact remains that much of the world wants nothing to do with this conflict.
Bret Stephens
September 28

Long live the women's revolutions!

In Iran and Russia, women are taking to the streets in protests that could change those countries' futures.
September 27

SCOTUS and election integrity

Neither state Democrats nor Republicans should have total control of how votes are counted.
Robin Abcarian
September 27

I just read America's most-banned book. So should you.

It doesn't take long to see why the book is causing an uproar, and it also is easy to see the help it could bring to young people in the midst of gender confusion.
David A. Hopkins
September 27

A female surge in politics — Trump's lasting legacy?

It began partly as an act of resistance, but the trend has reached the other side of the aisle, too.
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