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Jim Souhan is a sports columnist for the Star Tribune. He has worked at the paper since 1990, previously covering the Twins and Vikings.

Souhan was Sports Editor of his high school paper at Vianney in St. Louis. He wrote and edited for the Missourian at the University of Missouri, where he earned a journalism degree with an emphasis on American literature.
Recent content from Jim Souhan

Souhan: Healthy Twins, featuring Buxton, could win 90 games next season

Injuries caused the Twins to cave. By the time they were in what could be called a title race, they were missing key pitchers, Byron Buxton and almost an entire starting lineup.

Souhan: Gophers victory came with a catch after Autman-Bell's injury

Top receiver Chris Autman-Bell's knee injury will test the Gophers' ability to get the job done by committee.

Souhan: Ibrahim could contend for Heisman, but Gophers must be careful

The Gophers need their star running back healthy if they're going to win the Big Ten West.

Souhan: Right response to Edwards' homophobic words? Education

The Wolves should require their star guard to meet with gay staff members and fans and explain what he was thinking.

Souhan: As rivals wither, Gophers and Vikings raise fan expectations

The Gophers and Vikings have young, enthusiastic head coaches with an offensive background, lots of skill-position talent and what currently looks like open roads to the postseason.

Souhan: Jefferson sets blistering pace for meeting his superstar goals

After shredding the Packers for a career-high 184 yards, the star receiver again invites comparisons to Randy Moss and Jerry Rice.

Souhan: Can Vikings keep Jefferson happy and in Minnesota?

The Vikings can't afford to lose Justin Jefferson, which means they can't afford to offend him.

Souhan: Five moments that led to Whalen's Hall of Fame career

Lindsay Whalen will be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame on Saturday. But before that she reflected on five turning points in her basketball career.

Souhan: After 'lesson' from Gardy, Twins inspired by Baldelli's fight

Twins manager Rocco Baldelli has been ejected twice this month and four times this season, leading to some hat toss feedback from Ron Gardenhire.

Souhan: After a long wait in St. Paul, Cave is helping Twins win

In 16 hours, Minnesota Twins reserve outfielder Jake Cave, who has spent most of the season with Class AAA St. Paul, made possible two crucial victories.

Souhan: Reynoso, in more ways than one, leading the Loons' surge

Emanuel Reynoso has added scoring to his already-excellent passing

Souhan: Depth still concern in first season for new Vikings management

For years, Vikings GM Rick Spielman raved about his team's depth. Then he got fired because his backups weren't good enough.

Souhan: Is Correa's exit from Twins a sure thing? Six things to consider

A recent national report said that Carlos Correa will likely opt out of his contract with the Twins. There are reasons why you shouldn't consider his departure a done deal.

Souhan: Twins' slump has everything to do with too few reliable bats

The Twins inducted Ron Gardenhire into their Hall of Fame this weekend, then paid homage to him by swinging their bats like a utility infielder with a lifetime average of .232.

Souhan: Vikings-49ers game proves NFL preseason is a joke

If they aren't going to play starters, as Minnesota and San Francisco opted Saturday, why play the game?

Souhan: Mond or Mannion as No. 2 QB? Is that really the question?

The most intriguing duel at Vikings training camp should be neither intriguing nor a duel. Neither Kellen Mond nor Sean Mannion is the quarterback of the future.

Souhan: Twins' Kepler breaks his slump, but he needs to do more

Another mediocre season from right fielder Max Kepler, when the team desperately needs production from a lefthanded hitter, is part of the reason the Twins are struggling.

Souhan: It's time for the Lynx to rebuild

Sylvia Fowles' last game ushers in an offseason of change.

Souhan: Sylvia Fowles, Lynx's last champion star, says goodbye

Her farewell tour almost over, the All-Star center is feted at Target Center.

Souhan: In season of missed games, Lynx guards rarely missed Sunday

You want to know one of the reasons the Lynx are in danger of missing the playoffs? Needing to use a half-dozen point guards because of health issues.

Five Sylvia Fowles moments to remember

Lynx great Sylvia Fowles had hundreds of moments. Here are five.

Souhan: Don't go, Sylvia ... but if you do, thanks for the memories

This might be the final week for one of the all-time greats in Minnesota sports: Sylvia Fowles. She can still play, no doubt, but it fits her personality to take a bow.

Souhan: Baseball had a good week. The NFL did not.

The Twins' and Padres' trades highlighted a surprising trade deadline while the NFL gets embarrassed by its owners.

Souhan: At deadline, Twins can't be trading too much for not enough

Is it rational to trade for the three or four pitchers the Twins might need if those pitchers won't give you a realistic chance of beating the Yankees or Astros?

Souhan: Bill Russell was a great player — and an even greater man

Had he done nothing other than win basketball games, as a collegian, pro and coach, Bill Russell would belong on any short list of the most important figures in basketball history. But there was much more to his legacy.

Souhan: History shows O'Connell will need time to prove worth

Judge new Vikings coach Kevin O'Connell after Year 2, just as you should have with Mike Tice, Brad Childress, Leslie Frazier and Mike Zimmer.

Souhan: Trading Rogers, keeping Sano. How foolish were those Twins decisions?

Sometime this weekend in San Diego, Miguel Sano may bat against Taylor Rogers, an event created by the baseball gods to boil a Twins fan's blood.

Souhan: Drama on the diabolical 18th could well decide 3M Open

Making golf difficult for the best in the world is not about adding length, but creating strategic hazards and extraneous thoughts. The TPC's 18th hole fits that description.

Souhan: Before becoming Boston's 'Big Papi,' David Ortiz felt joy, pain with Twins

Columnist Jim Souhan was sitting in the dugout in the Dominican Republic on the day David Ortiz was let go by the Twins. What happened that day — and over the next 20 years — couldn't have been foreseen.

Souhan: 3M Open should be proud of playing without golf's traitors

The PGA Tour is back in Minnesota this week for the 3M Open in Blaine, and it will be just fine without all of the LIV Tour defectors.

Souhan: Aurora head to final in first year of existence

Minnesota's upstart soccer team is also one of state's best stories.

Souhan: Is Rudy Gobert the next Herschel Walker? No, and here's why

The first thought from a Minnesota sports fan about that dramatic Timberwolves trade earlier this month might have been: Oh no, not this again. Analyzing deeper, however, reveals big differences in two mega-trades.

Souhan: Edina golf pro has seen Tiger's painful comeback, firsthand

Braemar pro Roger Fahrenkrug watched Tiger Woods in one of the many painful moments one of golf's greats has had in his return.

Souhan: Gwynn. Carew. Arraez? Twins star building quite a resume

Luis Arraez was named to his first All-Star team on Sunday and he's proving he's worthy of lofty comparisons.

Souhan: Women's soccer great Scurry has been to hell and back

Minnesota native Briana Scurry contemplated suicide after a concussion ended her playing career.

Souhan: What happens now that USC, UCLA have blown up Big Ten?

The Big Ten is changing from a regional league to a coast-to-coast powerhouse. Here are the next steps that need to be taken in the dramatic reshaping of college sports.

Souhan: The NBA draft is dumb

Thursday night, columnist Jim Souhan says he should have crossed the street and covered actual basketball instead of basketball's worst soap opera.

Souhan: Boring? Sure. But Connelly maximized value in rational first draft

Two trades led to two first-round picks in the NBA draft, and Tim Connelly's first draft with the Wolves was characterized by logic, not fireworks.

Souhan: That plan for resting Buxton the Twins hatched? It's working

Why limit the number of games your best player could play? Why would you avoid using him off the bench in a close game? Baseball can be counterintuitive.

Souhan: Wolves in position to be patient at this NBA draft

The NBA draft and an D'Angelo Russell decision are the first tests for Tim Connelly, the new Wolves president of basketball operations.

Souhan: Just as they waned upon Moore's exit, Lynx sink in Collier's absence

Reality has weighed in for the Lynx again, issuing a reminder that talented players are necessary for success.

Souhan: You can question Baldelli's methods, but not his record

Fans may wish that Twins manager Rocco Baldelli would do some things differently. They may be right, but that's missing the long view.

Souhan: Del Rio, once a fine Vikings linebacker, should watch career bite the dust

How does the NFL, which claims to be sensitive to the plight of Black Americans, continue to employ Jack Del Rio? How can anyone take him seriously again?

Souhan: Using patient approach, Twins' bats handling AL East arms

Is this a different kind of Twins team? Their at-bats against Toronto and New York the past five games give hope.

Souhan: Even if it hurts, Yankees vs. Arraez, Twins best June match-up in town

Luis Arraez leads the major leagues in batting average and has become the soul of a first-place team, so sit back Twins fans and enjoy facing the best team in baseball — even if it may hurt a bit.

Souhan: 'Lo-Rod' building the Wolves in the right way

What Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez are demonstrating is an understanding of how wealth can be used as an advantage in the portion of the organization not restricted by a salary cap.

Souhan: Should the Lynx tank for Paige? No, and here's why

Among the reasons: A rotten record wouldn't ensure they could draft Paige Bueckers; opportunity remains to salvage the season; Sylvia Fowles deserves a fitting send-off.

Souhan: Spirit of golf is alive on PGA Tour, and dead in Saudi Arabia

The new LIV Golf Invitational Series, which has drawn some big names, is an example of 'sportswashing' by the Saudi Arabian government.

Souhan: What Wolves fans have learned over the past three weeks

With a bit of distance from playoff elimination, Timberwolves fans can draw some conclusions about the state of the franchise.

Souhan: Twins' anti-vaxxers putting team in bind

Their stance is illogical and damaging to the team's likability — and playoff chances. These players are betraying their organization.

Souhan: Vikings' Phillips remains in the family business

Wes Phillips, the grandson of Bum and son of Wade, is optimistic about the Vikings offense in the hands of Kirk Cousins.

Souhan: Fledgling, sure, but Aurora's first match had big-event vibe

On a beautiful Minnesota night, the Aurora played in what felt like a championship setting. The game was a draw, 1-1, before 5,219 fans, but the game was a success before it began.

Souhan: Twins climb the standings behind beautiful defensive play

Byron Buxton, Carlos Correa, Gio Urshela are leading the way as the Twins find their superpower is turning line drives into outs

Souhan: You may disagree, but Twins making right calls on Buxton, Lewis

As hungry as fans are to see Byron Buxton and Royce Lewis run and hit, protecting them for the long run is the wise plan with an AL Central title — and their futures — in play.

Souhan: Herschel Walker goes from football stardom to troubling Senate candidate

Former Vikings running back Herschel Walker is a leading Republican candidate — with a concerning background — in a U.S. Senate race in his native Georgia.

Souhan: Perfect 10s, All-American, academic honors: U gymnast Loper did college well

Ona Loper just completed a dream career, athletically and academically. It is the kind of success story too easily overlooked in college sports. "The experience of a lifetime," she says.

Souhan: A Minnesota team that wins postseason games? That's P.J. Fleck's Gophers

Postseason victories are hard to come by around here, so let's appreciate the ones who keep delivering them: the Gophers football players and coaches.

Souhan: For Twins, playing Buxton is all about risk vs. reward

Their baseball calculus: A healthy Byron Buxton at near full strength for just 100 games might be one of the best and most productive players in the game. They also know that may not be a popular call,

Souhan: Reality hits hard — this Wild team wasn't that special

An excellent regular season wasn't enough to elevate the Wild into playoffs success.

Souhan: Healthy again, Verlander shows Twins what aces are all about

Justin Verlander, 39, outdueled rookie Joe Ryan, taking a no-hitter into the eighth inning, in a game for those who prefer pitching mastery over long, loud homers.

Souhan: Why the Twins are winning despite injuries and oddities

The Twins are in first place in the American League Central more than a month into the season. Imagine what they could do if anything was going right for them.

Souhan: Lynx need effectiveness at point guard, not promise

Former Gophers star Rachel Banham is hoping to follow fellow Gopher Lindsay Whalen in positional success with the Lynx.

Souhan: Lynx are facing tough start, predictable finish

Lots of roster moves spell short-term trouble for the old and injured Lynx to kick off the WNBA season. But the Lynx tend to figure things out.

Souhan: Wild should put goonery aside in favor of skill — and humor

Goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, owner of three Stanley Cup titles, responded to the Game 1 loss to St. Louis with humor more than intensity. He may be on to something.

Souhan: Adofo-Mensah's first draft with Vikings? Let's call it 'brave'

Having a fast, firm opinion on any NFL team's draft results is foolish, but we do know this: new Vikings GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah did not take the safe or easy routes this past weekend.

Souhan: After the Wolves' ups and downs, Russell should go, McLaughlin should stay

The Timberwolves had many highs and lows, and D'Angelo Russell often contributed, but Jordan McLaughlin was better when it mattered. And what about bringing back Tyus Jones?

Souhan: New Vikings leaders, same uninspiring choices on draft night

The decision to trade back in the first round of the NFL draft means Kwesi Adofo-Mensah's front office hasn't moved far from its predecessor.

Souhan: Here is what NFL teams really need at the top of the draft

Mock draft? Sure, our columnist says, let's give that a try. From Jacksonville to the Vikings, here's what each team should really consider in the top 12.

Souhan: Twins rotation developing into unexpected asset

Scouting, analytics and well-conceived game plans have done more than fill holes on a rebuilt staff.

Souhan: Zero to hero, McLaughlin rewards Wolves in career-best game

Jordan McLaughlin scored 16 points in 14 minutes, hitting all four three-pointers that he took, after not playing at all in the Wolves' Game 3 collapse.

Souhan: What happens when these Wolves are uncomfortable? They fold

The Wolves returned home-court advantage to Memphis. They also gave the Grizzlies an even bigger advantage by the way they fell apart in Game 3.

Souhan: Wolves surge latest sign that Minneapolis is a basketball city

The Wolves' playoff appearance this weekend will sell out games at Target Center and continue a trend: Minneapolis is a hoops hotbed.

Souhan: Honest, personable style has made Finch's Wolves a winner

Few other coaches could achieve what Chris Finch has done for the Timberwolves this season. He's on the way to becoming the best coach in franchise history.

Souhan: Baseball's impossible standards again lead to destructive criticism

Clayton Kershaw's chance for a perfect game was clearly not worth the health risk, but top analysts railed anyway.

Souhan: Act like they've been there before? Not these Timberwolves

Winning that game? That way? This franchise? Those who know, know: This NBA playoff spot is special for the Wolves, and it was silly to expect them to tone down their celebrating.