Minimum-security prison in northeast Minnesota unveils new $2 million meat processing plant

Residents can get certification in meat processing — a needed skill outside of prison.
September 21

Charges: Owner of Rochester-area auction business failed to pay nearly $800K in taxes

"We're just behind, and we're working to get it straightened out," Nicholas Graves said.
September 17

Seeds of a food revolution grow on the White Earth Indian Reservation

A survey of the tribal college's population revealed some of the highest rates of food insecurity among students in the nation. So the college's extension director created a farm.
September 17

How Texas ranchers, farmers cope during an exceptional drought

Producers and growers in the Lone Star State battled an exceptionally dry summer with creative approaches to protecting crops and cattle.
September 14

Grow North MN becomes Naturally Minnesota to broaden its reach as the region's food-ag booster

Naturally Minnesota will launch its new name and affiliation with the national network during Food Ag Ideas Week in the Twin Cities early next month.
September 13

Struggling food pantries look to congressional farm bill for assistance

Rural Minnesota food banks are searching for fresh food as inflation and supply-side challenges squeeze donations.
September 9

Connecting Hmong kids to culture through food

HAFA is reintroducing traditional dishes to new generations while supporting farmers.
September 6

SEC settles with CHS over employee's manipulation of rail contracts

The agency says the Inver Grove Heights-based agriculture co-op has put in place safeguards to protect the accuracy of company bookkeeping.
September 3

As methane rules loom, some Southern California dairies flee while others see potential

Some West Coast dairies are selling their cows to buyers in other states with different air quality regulation, resulting in "leakage."
September 1

California's ban on gas-powered cars worries Minnesota's corn and soybean farmers

By 2035, new sales of gas-fueled engines will be banned in California, making some farmers who grow crops for the ethanol industry anxious.
State Fair
August 31

Inside the 'magical' world of competitive vegetable growing at the Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair draws submissions of largest pumpkin, cabbage, potato and squash. Sure, sunshine, soil and good seeds help, but some experiment with lesser-known tricks.
August 31

Bird flu found again in Minnesota turkey flock after 3-month reprieve

A turkey farm in Meeker County had to cull its flock on Tuesday after the virus — not detected in Minnesota's commercial flocks all summer — was confirmed to be present.
August 21

'That's still the dream': Buying up Minnesota farmland

With land prices hitting record levels, the ability to buy up Minnesota farmland is increasingly difficult for most beginning farmers. But some still try (and succeed).
August 20

Falling global food and fuel costs offer poor countries little relief

Costs are down from their peaks at the beginning of the Ukraine war but are still up compared to last year.
August 13

5 changes Minnesotans will likely see from the historic climate bill

The Inflation Reduction Act has the potential to transform the way we drive, heat our homes and grow our food.
August 8

Don't mess with federal crop insurance, farmers say. Others aren't so sure

Some experts say time is ripe to drop the carrot and pick up the stick.
August 6

Minnesota farmers call outside investments 'a sticky situation'

Minnesota farmers at the annual Farmfest say they have been paying attention to deals in North Dakota, including the purchase of ag land by a Bill Gates-backed trust and the pending development of a corn mill by Chinese investors.
August 3

Walz, Jensen get heated over COVID in first governor debate

The candidates went head-to-head at the annual agriculture exposition Farmfest, debating for more than an hour in front of a standing-room-only crowd.
August 2

At Farmfest, Minnesota congressional candidates pledge support for rural economies

In the competitive Second District race, Rep. Angie Craig and challenger Tyler Kistner flexed their farm country credentials.
August 2

How year-round crops could reduce farm pollution in the Mississippi River

The Forever Green Initiative at the University of Minnesota is developing 16 new crops to keep landscapes covered, and water cleaner.
July 31

Impact of Ukraine war ripples across state's farm economy

In the U.S., few places have ties to Ukraine as deep as Minnesota, where a rocket landing in a wheat field in Kherson can mean higher prices for a farmer in Kittson County, or a land mine outside Odesa raises the stress for an ag exec in Inver Grove Heights.