Should Europe worry?

How afraid should Europe be of Giorgia Meloni?

Italy’s next leader will be constrained by politics, markets and money

The Middle East

An energy crisis and geopolitics are creating a new-look Gulf

It will be richer, more powerful—and more volatile

Truss’s rusty Reaganism

Liz Truss’s selective Reaganomics won’t work

After cutting taxes, the Gipper reversed course

Doubling down

Vladimir Putin vows to send more invaders. The West should arm Ukraine faster

It has a window of opportunity to push Russian forces back

Thinking outside the box

How to keep the brain healthy

Neuroscience is experiencing a renaissance. Not before time

Getting away with murder

America should reform its police forces, not defund them

Cops need to be trusted if they are to curb a surge of killings

House on fire

China’s property crisis hasn’t gone away: it is getting worse

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Getting the job done

Vladimir Putin’s war is failing. The West should help it fail faster

Ukraine’s friends should reinforce its success by sending more and better weapons

Britain’s constitution

Why the monarchy matters

The monarchy is an anachronism, yet it thrived under Elizabeth II. That holds lessons for her successor and for democracies elsewhere

The perils of wishful thinking

To fix America’s inflation problem, the Federal Reserve must go big

The odds that a painful recession can be averted look woefully long

The queen

The death of Elizabeth II marks the end of an era

It deprives Britain of a thread that wove the nation together, and linked it to its past

From lavatory to laboratory

How spying on sewage could save lives

Wastewater surveillance is a cheap tool to spot health problems, but it is open to abuse