Funeral furore

The fallout from Abe Shinzo’s murder could unseat his successor

Japan’s prime minister has seen his popularity plummet in the past two months

Chain reaction

Vietnam is emerging as a winner from the era of deglobalisation

Yet achieving its goal of becoming a rich country by 2045 will still be a huge task


Why Narendra Modi criticised Vladimir Putin in Samarkand

Russia is upsetting friends and losing influence in Asia

Beyond a boundary

Fighting erupts between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

It is the deadliest border clash in Central Asia since the collapse of the Soviet Union

Pass the button

Kim Jong Un considers devolving power over his nuclear arsenal

The policy would strengthen his deterrent but raise the risk of accidents

Unholy spirit

India’s capital has run out of booze

Acquiring alcohol has again become a hellish ordeal


South-East Asia’s monarchies struggle with succession

Bad heir days are more common than they would like

General chaos

An economically illiterate junta is running Myanmar into the ground

Last year’s coup has put the country’s economy in a tailspin

Changing climate

Australia passes a law to reduce emissions, at last

That will not stop it from opening new coal mines

Sweet success

Liquorice flourishes in salty soils of the dried-up Aral Sea

Karakalpakstan is the sweet root’s new production hub

A wake-up call

War in Ukraine has bolstered Japan’s support for a stronger army

A nation with a deep streak of pacifism confronts a dangerous world

More travel chaos

Long delays at Western consulates are ruining Asians’ travel plans

Overwhelmed, understaffed and processing visas at a slug’s pace